06 Dec 2017

Shutting Down Broadway

By Matt Scanlon
Director of Conferences, NAPA

It’s never a small feat to put together an event that’s the size and scope of the NAPA 401(k) SUMMMIT’s After Dark, but this year, in Nashville, we’re pulling out all the stops.
On Monday night, April 16, we’ve bought out four honky-tonks – Tin Roof, The Valentine, Crazytown, and Whiskey Bent – with a combined total of eight stages between them, to host our first-ever After Dark music festival. Four venues, unlimited open bars, over a dozen bands, live karaoke… that sounds like plenty, right?
Well, we decided to up the ante even more! In cooperation with the city of Nashville, NAPA is shutting down a section of Broadway for a street party right outside our honky-tonks. We’re setting up a beer garden, food trucks, games, and more, all in the open air!
The logistics involved in making this happen are impressive. Our friends in Nashville tell us, in fact, that no one has ever put together an event quite like this one downtown. We’re working closely with city representatives from the mayor’s office, public works, and homeland security; with local businesses, off-duty police officers, and other destination management contractors to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.
Make no mistake – it’s a really big lift, with a ton of moving parts, but we know it’s gonna be worth it to produce an event you’re never going to forget. Can’t wait to see you there!