Tempo (Investments)

"Evolving" Doers: The Evolution of Target Date Funds

It’s been nearly a quarter century since the first target date funds were introduced – since then, much has changed, not the least of which is the ubiquitous positioning of TDFs on retirement plan menus, and their near monopoly as an investment default in those plans. Despite that growth, change has been slow to come to the category – but change is afoot – and a new “next” generation of target-date funds – and target date alternatives – has finally started to emerge.

Stable, Valued - Stable Value Strategies in a Rising Interest Environment

After nearly a decade of operating in an artificially constrained interest rate environment, things are finally beginning to open up. What might that mean for stable value option designs. And what impact might that have on these choices, which have been a target of litigation in a number of the so-called excessive fee suits?

Tipping "Points?" - Are We (Finally) at a Tipping Point for CIT Adoption?

Once primarily associated with passively managed investment strategies, interest in collective investment trusts, or CITs, is increasing, both because of a greater interest in customized solutions, and perhaps fueled by a wave of excessive fee litigation targeting the use of more expensive alternatives. Have we reached that “tipping point” for CIT adoption, and what might that mean for your practice?

Melody (Marketing)

"Pipe Dreams" - Keeping Your Business Pipeline Full

Prospecting for new business can be a time-consuming and frustrating, though necessary, process. However, there are ways of building – and promoting – your practice and expertise that can help fill your opportunity pipeline – ways to sell…without selling.

(End)decent Proposals - Advisor RFP Insights

Increasingly advisors find themselves the object of a competitive bidding process via requests for proposal. How to respond effectively, efficiently – and successfully – to the new generation of advisor RFPs.

Influence "Sure" - Leveraging COI's to Grow Your Business

Sometimes the best way to get a seat at the table is the indirect one – through a center of influence, third-party administrators, CPAs, attorneys, etc. Insights from a special COI panel on how to influence the influencers who help plan sponsors evaluate RFPs and recommend advisors.

Cadence (Plan Design)

"Small" Stuff - Secrets of Profitably Working with Small Plans

What they lack in assets, may be made up in growth opportunities. Effective strategies for your practice, and how strategies for the small business owner can be a win-win.

Non-Qualified Success – New Ways to Connect with the C-Suite

Looking for a way into the C-Suite? Deferred compensation plan designs offer a unique opportunity for a collaborative discussion with decision-makers that can be lucrative – and open doors to other opportunities.

Pension Penchants - Cash Balance to LDI to PRT: the Transition of Traditional pensions

Defined benefit plans may be on the decline, but they are far from extinct, contain trillions in assets and opportunities aplenty in new cash balance designs, as well as funding design, and risk transfer strategies.

Harmony (Practice Management)

"Better" Pills: Focusing on the "Right" Things to Build Your Practice

Sure you need to multi-task in this hectic, fast-paced world – but what’s on your task list? Turbo-powered time management tips that can help you find – and stay focused on – the “right” stuff.

"Building" Blocks: Building, Growing and Managing - Part 1

How to make it without breaking it; insights, lessons learned, and making (it) good by hiring, mentoring, and retaining the best talent, developing the next generation of leadership.

Stage "Coach" - Maintaining, Growing and Transitioning Your Practice - Part 2

It’s not exactly the “back 9”, but there comes a point in every practice when you need to think about “transitioning”. Our expert panel will share insights on how to begin to unwind without having your hard-earned practice unravel.

“Committed” Relationships - How to Build, Run & Maintain Effective Plan Committees

It’s hard enough to form a cohesive plan committee — but how do you keep it engaged, focused and productive — while eliminating the force(s) that undermine its effectiveness?

HSA "Mets?" Integrating HSAs into your Practice

Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs are expanding in reach and increasing in assets – little wonder with the triple tax advantage they provide in helping fund health care expenses in retirement. Learn how the “other” retirement savings account can and should factor into your discussions about financial wellness and retirement readiness generally.

Profit "Abilities" - Building a Better Bottom Line in a Fee Compressed World

The bottom line on the bottom line.

Robo "Tics" – Robo Advising for Fun and Profit

Think robo advisors are a threat to your practice? Think again. How these platforms can expand your reach and boost your bottom line.

ROI Story - Financial Wellness - What's In It for You?

A growing body of evidence supports the bottom line impact of incorporating financial wellness programs and discipline into the workplace. But what can it bring to YOUR bottom line?

Social "Security" - Winning Compliance Compliant Social Media Strategies

Innovative ways to build your business with compliance-friendly (yes, we said compliance-friendly) social media strategies!

Source Spots - is 3(38) Worth It?

An ERISA § 3(38) arrangement represents the highest level of investment liability transfer possible under ERISA for a plan sponsor, but does it make sense for you to take on that responsibility? Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision for your practice.

Rhythm (Regulatory/Compliance)

"Checking" Account - Dealing With IRS/DOL Plan Audits

Nobody wants to get that call from the Labor Department or IRS – but if your clients do, here’s what you need to know. And what you need to do before you do. Tips and real-life experiences to help you, and your plan sponsor clients, stay out of trouble.

Suit "Cases" - Lessons from 401(k) Litigation

Our panel of expert litigators share what litigation can teach us about avoiding litigation.

Ethics "Cull" - Ethics Best Practices for Your Best Practice

Insights on best practices that can build up your practice while building a better practice. NOTE: Eligible for CPFA Ethics CE.


One of the NAPA 401(k) Summit’s most dynamic and engaging sessions is our advisor peer-to-peer, where we create a truly interactive environment for advisors (only) to discuss, debate and highlight some of the top services, challenges and forward-thinking ideas to create better retirement plans. The ideas and insights from the regular Summit agenda and this moderated discussion with your peers will turn those into actionable ideas and strategies to take back and implement into your practice.

Home Office/Broker-Dealer/RIA

A very special peer-to-peer session that brings together Home Office – Broker-Dealer/RIA Summit attendees (only), for a unique opportunity to benefit from shared perspectives, and experiences, and discuss best practices that can translate into stronger business models.