04 Jan 2018

A Take on Takeaways

By Jim Phillips, Retirement Resources

The mark of a successful conference is one from which you leave with valuable take-aways.
For retirement advisors and retirement-curious advisors, the NAPA SUMMIT is worth the time and money. Why?
From my perch on the NAPA Leadership Council, I have seen the 2018 SUMMIT agenda take form. The SUMMIT Steering Committee, a collection of experienced, well-respected representatives of our industry, examined what has worked (and not worked) in past, taken feedback from polls on the NAPA website, and brainstormed about sessions for the 2018 SUMMIT that would equip attendees with tons of useful take-aways. This is on track to be the best and biggest SUMMIT ever.
A spirit of sharing permeates SUMMIT, where ideas and success stories are freely exchanged. This takes place during the day, and extends in a unique way into the more relaxed “After Hours” networking events.
Attendees, collectively, possess thousands of years of acquired knowledge and they manage many hundreds of billions of dollars of retirement assets.

The 2018 NAPA SUMMIT is going to be a great learning experience, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. If you are seriously in the retirement plans business or want to be, this is the one conference of 2018 that you should not miss.